Sexual brokenness, mental health challenges, substance use disorders, trauma, and abuse can control people with shame and is often concealed, hidden, and bottled up deep inside. Dr. Laura is committed to help radically change our culture on breaking the chains of shame, addictions, abuse, and sexual brokenness. Let's create a safe space to openly talk beneath the surface, remove our masks, and create honest dialogue on difficult subjects within the church, the youth, businesses, friends, families, and among our loved ones about the brokenness and shame we face in today’s society. It's time to get “Real & Relational” by unleashing the silence and removing stigmas. Together we can change our culture, break free from shame, and live out our divine purpose.



"Let's get Real & Relational by unleashing the silence and removing

our masks to cultivate the process of uncovering shame and embrace mental wellness and recovery. Then we can begin to soften our hearts and abide in communities comprised of love, support, encouragement, and authentic fellowship with others. You are destined to breakthrough and live the abundant life."

Dr. Laura Clark


"Removing our masks and breaking up with shame does not discount, avoid, or deny the pain. The break up is a decision to release shame and embrace living out our purpose and abiding in the abundant life." 

Dr. Laura Clark


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