Sexual brokenness, mental health challenges, substance use disorders, trauma and abuse can control people with shame and is often concealed, hidden, and bottled up deep inside. We are committed to help radically change our culture on breaking the chains of shame, addictions, abuse, and sexual brokenness. Let's create a safe space to openly talk beneath the surface, remove our masks, and create honest dialogue on difficult subjects within the church, the youth, businesses, friends, families, and among our loved ones about the brokenness and shame we face in today’s society. Let's get “Real & Relational” by unleashing the silence and removing stigma. Together we can change our culture, break free from shame, and live out our divine purpose. The time to breakthrough is now!

Dr. Laura Clark

Dr. Laura Clark is a speaker, writer, professor, counselor, advocate, and founder of Empowered 2 Breakthrough. She earned her PhD in Psychology with a specialization Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, PhD in Christian Counseling Psychology, MS in Community Counseling, BSED in Educational Psychology, and post-graduate certificate in Clinical Sex Therapy. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Ambassador of Hope for domestic minor sex trafficking. Dr. Laura has completed outreach training for victims of sexual exploitation, the Suicide "PAIR" (Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, and Recovery) Certification Program, training in the Intimacy Therapy counseling model, and PREPARE/ ENRICH® counselor training for conducting comprehensive premarital, couples, and marriage inventories.


She has conducted research on marital satisfaction, sexual relationship, chronic pain, and psychological

characteristics among women with and without vulvodynia. Dr. Laura is a Graduate Assistant Professor and Subject

Matter Expert for Healthy Sexuality with teaching experience for: Healthy Sexuality, Diagnosis and Treatment of

Sexual Addiction, Crisis Counseling, Counseling Women, Addictions and The Recovery Process, Substance Abuse: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention, Biological Aspects of Addiction and Recovery, Life Coaching, Premarital and Marital Counseling, Counseling Children and Adolescents, Human Growth and Development, Human Services Counseling, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling, and Multicultural Counseling.

She has provided counseling or teaching in the following settings: pain management and health psychology center, inpatient behavioral health and substance abuse hospitals, private practice, hospital emergency rooms, government health and human services, and University education. Dr. Laura has provided sexual assault crisis intervention, cancer support, marriage and parenting enrichment, consulting, program planning and evaluation services for child and family protective services, state and federal grant coordination for county health and human services, and comprehensive biopsychosocial, sexual and substance abuse assessments. She directed a Christian counseling and coaching ministry centered upon sexual counseling, trauma, abuse, addiction, women's health, and behavioral health.

​Dr. Laura is passionate about outreach and ministry for victims of sexual exploitation, standing against racism and

modern day slavery, human rights and victim advocacy, as well as public speaking, education, and ministry in the

following areas: Sexual Brokenness, Healthy Sexuality, Sexual and Pornography Addiction, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, Shame, Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders and Recovery, and Trauma and Abuse.

Our Mission

Empowered 2 Breakthrough

provides education, advocacy,

and ministry focused on removing

our masks and shame in the areas of sexual brokenness, abuse, trauma,

mental health and substance use

disorders while trusting the Lord to

lead us in our divine purpose and

living the abundant life.


"Removing our masks and breaking up with shame does not discount, avoid, or deny the pain. The break up is a decision to release shame and embrace living out our purpose and abiding in the abundant life." 

Dr. Laura Clark

Our Vision

We envision a culture that lives authentically

in a safe community of love liberated from

strongholds, wearing masks, shame, and

secrets while empowered to breakthrough

and live the abundant life. We embrace a

culture free to give and receive love revealing

God's glory in our lives by healing our heart,

mind, soul, relationships, and communities

while living out our unique and divine purpose.

Despite our life experiences, differences,

secrets, and past, we link arms with one another

in a culture abounding in grace, truth, and love,

free from masks and shame, and humbly

surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all

areas of our lives while experiencing His grace,

goodness, mercy, love, and compassion.

Breakthrough! Break Free!

Empowered 2 Breakthrough

Removing Masks, Breaking Free From Shame, and Living Out Your Divine Purpose!

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