Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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​This website is designed for informational and educational use only. The information on this site is never provided for professional mental health, medical or any other counsel. Any information on this site should not be used to treat or diagnose any mental health, medical or other conditions without consulting a competent mental health or medical provider. You specifically accept and agree that Empowered 2 Breakthrough and Dr. Laura Clark is not liable for damages based on your choice whether to use or not use the material accessible on this website, including information provided on the social media sites linked on this website or other links provided on this web site, as well as your decision to obtain or not obtain professional mental health, medical care, or counsel from a competent professional.

Any material concerning education, treatments or mention of medical, mental health or other information on this site is designed for educational purposes only and does not contain every use, safeguard, or other contemplation.  Any data on this website is not intended as mental health or medical advice for a personal problem or for an assessment concerning the advantages or disadvantages of any type of medical or mental health treatment. You are encouraged to seek counsel with your professional health care provider concerning any information. The information of this website is not designed to be an alternative for professional mental health or medical treatment, diagnosis, or counsel.  Empowered 2 Breakthrough and Dr. Laura Clark is not accountable in any way for any loss or harm caused or assumed to be caused by or in accordance with using any material, services, or products available through this website. *All persons using this site agrees that this site is in accordance to these terms of use  and other applicable law. Do not use this site if you do not agree to these terms of use.

Links to Third Parties

​Empowered 2 Breakthrough may suggest or provide links to other sites affiliated with Empowered 2 Breakthrough or not affiliated. Empowered 2 Breakthrough does not have control over these suggested or provided linked sites, even if the other sites are affiliated with Empowered 2 Breakthrough, and these other sites have separate privacy and information gathering policies and terms of use separate from Empowered 2 Breakthrough. These suggested or linked sites are solely for your accessibility and you agree to use them at your own discretion. Empowered 2 Breakthrough aims to defend the integrity of its site and the links provided on the site and asks for any comment on not only its site but for other suggested or linked sites.


Warranty Disclaimer and Liability Limits

​This website, the data and products on this site are "as is" and without guarantees of any kind.  Empowered 2 Breakthrough disclaims all warranties including, but not limited to, indirect warranties of products and services for a specific purpose, as well as does not warrant that the information in this site will be without error, have errors modified, or that this site or the server of the site remain without viruses or other harmful mechanisms. Empowered 2 Breakthrough does not provide any warranties concerning the information in this site, links to social media sites, or other sites on accuracy, helpfulness, or consistency. Empowered 2 Breakthrough and Dr. Laura Clark is not responsible for any harm that occurs from the use of  information on this site, links to social media sites or links to other sites.



​Empowered 2 Breakthrough and Dr. Laura Clark may provide communication to you through e-mail, a notice on this site, or through a method to the address you have provided.​


Site Usage/Participation Notice

​Harassment or obscene language in any form on this site through any communication, but not limited to, e-mail, chat, or social media is forbidden. Representing others, such as Empowered 2 Breakthrough, Dr. Laura Clark or another employee or representative of Empowered 2 Breakthrough, including visitors on the site or links on this site, is forbidden. You cannot upload, dispense, or publish through this site any information that is slanderous, indecent, threatening, abusive, illegal, or invasive of private and public rights that  may be considered a criminal wrongdoing or infringe on the rights of a person or that could result in violation of law or a liability. You may not upload commercial information on this site or use the site or links on this site to ask others to join any other commercial online organization or site. Empowered 2 Breakthrough does not examine all communications and information sent to or produced by persons visiting the site and is not in liable for the material of these communications. You agree that by allowing you with the ability to read and send information from users on this site, Empowered 2 Breakthrough is a passive party for such information distributed and is not liable for any data or activity on the site. Empowered 2 Breakthrough is authorized to delete or block communication or content that it considered, but not limited to the following: fraudulent, harassing, obscene, slanderous, misguided, offensive, objectionable, or in violation of a copyright, or property right of another according to Empowered 2 Breakthrough in its discretion.



​All logos, brands, and trade names of Empowered 2 Breakthrough and Dr. Laura Clark used in the site are of Empowered 2 Breakthrough. All material in this site is property of Empowered 2 Breakthrough and its providers. Any distribution, reproduction, display or communication of the information of this site is prohibited unless approved by Empowered 2 Breakthrough. You agree not to alter or remove any proprietary communications from information obtained from this website or links on this website.

Indemnification, Law, and Rights

​You agree to guarantee, protect, and hold harmless Empowered 2 Breakthrough, Dr. Laura Clark and its owner, employees, directors, suppliers, manufacturers, publishers, service providers, and other related providers from and against all losses, damages, and expenses including customary legal fees, occurring from any violation of these terms and conditions by you. ​Using this site shall be administered in all respects by the laws in Georgia in the US without concerning legal provisions. Empowered 2 Breakthrough may ascribe its rights and responsibilities concerning this site to any party at any time without notice to you.


​The terms of use are relevant to you when you access the site. The terms of use or any portion of them may be terminated by Empowered 2 Breakthrough without notice at any time. The information concerning disclaimers, notices, limitations of liability, property, laws and rights will continue any termination.




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